About Clear Financial Advisors

What is Clear Financial Advisors?

Clear Financial Advisors is a nationally recognized registered investment advisor headquartered in Livonia, Michigan.

We are an independent, fee-only firm known for our holistic approach to personal finance.

Our founder is an award winning financial advisor and blogger.

Where are accounts held?

Managed accounts on the Clear.Investments platform are currently available through TD Ameritrade Institutional.

We hope to expand custodial options in the future. We currently offer additional management options through Clear Financial Advisors.

There is no requirement to hold your personal accounts at TD Ameritrade for our retirement plan guidance. You may hold them wherever you choose.

What is Trizic?

Trizic is the technology behind the account opening, rebalancing, and online portal of our managed accounts held at TD Ameritrade.

Investment Approach

What is your investment philosophy?

We call our approach G/P/S Investing™ which stands for Growth, Preservation, and Stability - the three objectives we have for our investment selection.

Growth is best obtained by a diverse mix of stocks, with a tilt towards areas of the market that have experienced higher than average returns.

Preservation is preserving the value of a dollar by diversifying into real assets like real estate, inflation-protected bonds and foreign bonds and commodities.

Stability is best provided by high quality bonds.

Our approach differs from the vast majority of managed account services by seeking to maximize long-term returns through a more diverse mix of stocks, while managing volatility by not risking our bonds.

Do you purchase exchange-traded funds or mutual funds?

For accounts held at TD Ameritrade, we use no-commission exchange-traded funds since we can access these funds without a minimum purchase requirement.




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