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Goals-Based Financial Guidance for Your Workplace Accounts

Flat-fee annual fee for advice for all of your employer sponsored retirement accounts and one year of our online, self-directed financial plan software

Flat-fee 401(k), 403(b), 457, 401(a), SIMPLE, SEP, and other Employer-Based Investment Account Advice


Financial Planning Software and Email Support for One Year


Integrate all of your investments with a financial plan. Our set-up process is intuitive and painless


Don't worry if you don't have 100% of your information correct on the first pass. You can always come back and update. 


Advice for your Personal Employer Retirement Plan
$250 CAMS Client / $350 Non-CAMS
Flat-fee for 1 account, option to renew on monthly or as-needed basis

    Online investment recommendations for your

      specific account choices

    Portal system that decreases the risk as you

      come closer to your goals

    Recommendations specific for your specific

      401(k), 403(b), or other plan

    Email access to an advisor for questions related

      to your plan for one month (CAMs clients have

      ongoing email support); option to renew

Better than a newsletter...Personalized advice

Define your goals

Retirement. College.


Whatever it is, our money is just a tool to reach our goals. 


We recommend investing for goals, and so accounts can be allocated to an individual goal (like a 529 Plan for college), or used for multiple goals. 


Our proprietary gildepath provides recommendations that consider your tolerance for risk, ability to save, timeline, and where you hold your investments.

Load your accounts

Input your online account information and we'll import our assets and investment information and apply it towards your goals.


Our software utilizes a provider of account aggregation to the largest financial services companies. 

We'll send our observations and recommendations

Once we have your information, we will review it and provide an initial review of your overall financial goal strategies.


Meanwhile, over the online portal we provide specific recommendations on what investments to keep and which to change, specific to your 401(k), 403(b), or employer-sponsored plan. 

Monitor and update

Your dashboard will keep you up to date on your investment allocation and progress. As you need to make changes, we'll recommend them.


As your balances grow, we'll help you rebalance.


As your employer options change, we'll update the recommendations.


If our models change, we'll let you know.


As your glidepath changes, we'll get you back on track.

Need more help?
We're here for you.

When you need more help with your financial plans, let us know. You have a nationally recognized and award-winning financial firm at your service. 


We offer as-needed and à la carte financial planning, tax planning, retirement planning, college planning, etc.


Want someone to handle your investments for you? We have options for that as well that we're happy to cover with you. 

How We're Different
  • Totally and completely independent. Many retirement plans will provide free advice or a cookie-cutter investment allocation. As an independent advisor, we provide advice in your interest alone.

  • Investing based on a plan. Money is a tool to meet our goals. Do you know if your investment plan is structured to meet your objectives?

  • A proven philosophy. Not only do we have an investment philosophy, it is one based on science rather than guessing, a crystal ball, or gambling. 

Clear.Investments Benefits
  • Risk maximizing (Tilt investing) 1                        +2.18%

  • Use of cost conscious passive investments 2    +0.75%

  • Automatic rebalancing 3                                     +0.50%

  • Asset location 4                                                    +0.52%

​                                                                         +3.95% per year​​


​Additional quantifiable benefits

  • Tax benefits (tax-loss harvesting, use of and review of tax-efficient funds and tax-advantaged accounts) 

  • Intentional use of asset class investments, rather than relying on the luck of an investment manager


Non-quantifiable benefits

Not having to rely on guessing, emotions, gimmicks, crystal balls, or the lottery.


  1. Complete your online profile.

  2. Add your accounts online and add your financial goals.

  3. Our software helps you measure the trade-offs between taking investment risk, saving more, and working longer to make sure your plan works.  

  4. We'll then send a detailed Advisor Review covering your investment goals and provide you with an action plan for all of your accounts. 

  5. The software will recommend investment changes, monitor your progress, and keep you on path. We will send updates on the plan and let you know if there are any necessary actions to take. 

1. Clear.Investments utilizes a portfolio approach that seeks to maximize risk-adjusted returns by diversifying our equity allocation over multiple asset classes, and by investing in short to mid duration investment grade bond funds. See Disclaimer page for details. 

2. The difference between the average expense ratio of a low-cost, diversified portfolio with an annual expense ratio of 0.37% and the average expense ratio of active mutual funds as researched by William F. Sharpe's publication The Arithmetic of Investment Expenses, Financial Analysts Journal, March / April 2013.​

3. Swenson, D. (2005). Unconventional Success. Pp. 195-196. 

4. Blanchett, D & Kaplan, P. (September 8, 2012). Morningstar Investment Management. Alpha, Beta, and Now... Gamma. 

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