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Annualized. Billed Monthly in Advance.



No Minimum Account Size


Ongoing, holistic management of your investment accounts


Superior tax-management across all of your accounts

Holistic Investment Management

Management of your Rollover, IRA, Roth IRA, brokerage, trust, Solo 401(k), SIMPLE, SEP, HSA, and other accounts.


Clear Account Management (CAM) is an investment solution that sees you as you are, over all of your accounts and opportunities, rather than by your individual accounts.


Holistic investment management has been used by wealthy investors for decades to add to their returns by lowering taxes and maximizing opportunities across all of your investment accounts.

Superior Tax Design

Holistic investment management using asset location strategies has been available to only a select group of the wealthy in the past.


Even online investment providers rarely invest your accounts on a holistic basis. We invest your Roth IRA differently than your Rollover IRA, differently than your taxable accounts... all as a part of your one overall plan.



Potential Benefit

Asset Location - By holding certain parts of your portfolio in pre-tax accounts, others in taxable, and others in tax-free, some studies have found an increase in total returns by ~0.50% per year.



(Source: Blanchett, D & Kaplan, P. (September 8, 2012). Morningstar Investment Management. Alpha, Beta, and Now... Gamma. )

Should you invest the same as everyone else?

Are you years away from retirement?


If so, it may make sense to have a different mix within your investments than those in retirement.


While this may seem obvious, the vast majority of online solutions use the same stock exchange-trade funds for those in their 20's and 30's as for those in their 50's, 60's, and 70's!


Their overall allocation to stocks may decrease over time, but we manage our porttfolios to maximize return potential for our younger clients, while seeking to minimize volatility for those close to making withdrawals.


Potential Benefit

Accumulation Portfolios - During your working years we seek to maximizing Risk Adjusted Returns by including more high growth stocks than a traditional investment mix during accumulation which can add several percentage points per year over a standard US stock and bond portfolio


Retirement Portfolios - Our retirement portfolios seek lower volatility by investing in higher quality and safer bond portfolios than traditional asset management. We diversify even more broadly with real assets to maximize Risk Adjusted Returns.

Monitoring and investing is an ongoing process

Our software monitors your portfolio for rebalancing opportunities on a daily basis. 



Potential Benefit

+0.50% Per Year



(Source: Swenson, D. (2005). Unconventional Success. Pp. 195-196.)

Best-in-class financial planning tools

Your dashboard will keep you up to date on your investment allocation and progress.


Clients also have access to a sophisticated portal with educational videos, calculators, budgeting and spending categorization tools, etc.


These are the same tools that we (Clear Financial Advisors) use with our Wealth Management clients. They are world class tools and offer far more financial management tools than new online advisors.


ClearFA01a slim.png
Have more specific questions? We're on call when you need us for more advice later.

As a Fee-Only, independent financial advisor, Clear Financial Advisors can provide more in-depth financial planning services or deeper Wealth Management services when you need them.



How We're Different
  • Totally and completely independent. Many retirement plans will provide free advice or a cookie-cutter investment allocation. As an independent advisor, we provide advice in your interest alone.


  • A holistic view. Most low-cost advisors (and high-cost ones) put each of your accounts into a model portfolio. This approach removes the benefits of asset location which is deciding the investment attributes that would be best for each of your accounts. If each account owns the exact same proportions of the exact same investments, you may benefit from a holistic perspective. 


  • A proven philosophy. Not only do we have an investment philosophy, it is one based on science rather than guessing, a crystal ball, or gambling.

Clear.Investments Benefits
  • Risk maximizing (Tilt investing) 1                             +2.18%      

  • Use of cost conscious passive investments 2         +0.75%

  • Automatic rebalancing 3                                         +0.50%

  • Asset location 4                                                        +0.52%

​                                                                            +3.95% per year​​


​Additional quantifiable benefits

  • Tax benefits (tax-loss harvesting, use of and review of tax-efficient funds and tax-advantaged accounts) 

  • Intentional use of asset class investments, rather than relying on the luck of an investment manager


Non-quantifiable benefits

Not having to rely on guessing, emotions, gimmicks, crystal balls, or the lottery.


  1. Open and fund your account. 

  2. We'll email to set a time for an initial call.

  3. We will adjust the portfolio to our Clear portfolios based upon our conversation.

  4. Finally, we establish your access to our independent financial tools to monitor your complete financial picture.

1. Clear.Investments utilizes a portfolio approach that seeks to maximize risk-adjusted returns by diversifying our equity allocation over multiple asset classes, and by investing in short to mid duration investment grade bond funds. See Legal page for details. 

2. The difference between the average expense ratio of a low-cost, diversified portfolio with an annual expense ratio of 0.37% and the average expense ratio of active mutual funds as researched by William F. Sharpe's publication The Arithmetic of Investment Expenses, Financial Analysts Journal, March / April 2013.​

3. Swenson, D. (2005). Unconventional Success. Pp. 195-196. 

4. Blanchett, D & Kaplan, P. (September 8, 2012). Morningstar Investment Management. Alpha, Beta, and Now... Gamma. 

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