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Online, Independent Investment Advisor for your 401(k), 403(b), IRA, Roth and Brokerage Accounts. Virtual Fee-Only fiduciary

A More Personal

Online Investment


Automated investment management with a human touch.

Clear Account Management (CAM)
Virtual Financial Consultation for Retirement & College Planning
Starting at $450*
Flat-fee initial review, monthly ongoing

    A holistic, online financial plan

    60-minute call with a financial advisor to

      cover the results

    Unlimited email access to an advisor

    Best-in-class web portal with investment,

      cash management, and planning tools

 * Starting amounts are discounted for 

K-12 educators, CAM investors or employer plan advice participants

Holistic Investment Management with a Philosophy
Annualized, Billed Monthly

    Holistic management across your


    Portfolio contruction based on your goals

    Best-in-class web portal with investment,

      cash management, and planning tools

    Types of accounts we manage:

        Taxable Brokerage, Trusts

        IRAs, Roths, SEPs, SIMPLE, Solo-401(k)

        Education Savings Accounts (ESA)

        Health Savings Accounts (HSA)

Flat-Fee Employer Plan Recommendations
Starting at $250*
Flat-fee initial review, monthly ongoing

    Online investment recommendations for

      your specific account

    Portal system that decreases the risk as

      you come closer to your goals

    Recommendations specific for your

      specific 401(k), 403(b), or 529 Plan

    Our investment selection is customized

      to your chosen investment provider**

    Unlimited email access to an advisor

      for a limited period

* Flat-fee service is limited to retirement accounts with limited menus; excludes self-directed accounts

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Invest in the same philosophy and personal service previously only available to the clients of exclusive Wealth Managers and Investment Advisors. 

Automatic investing with no minimums. Add to your accounts or request withdrawals on your schedule.

24/7 Account Access. Stay engaged with your investments with our online technology.

Additional financial planning services when you need them. As a Fee-Only, holistic financial and investment advisor, we offer a broad range of services beyond investment management.


Check account information, transfer money, and receive alerts... all from your device.


Answer a few questions, e-sign your documents, and we'll help with transferring or linking bank accounts to fund your saving.


Unlike many online investment firms created by technology gurus, we know a thing or two about finances.


Our plan isn't cookie-cutter, but customized across accounts in a holistic plan for you personally.


Our plans use our G/P/S Investing™, 'any economy' investment philosophy.


Rebalancing across your accounts takes advantage of asset location.

Independent Fee-Only, fiduciary advisor published at:

Award winning advisor and financial planner

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Best-in-class market-based index exchange-traded fund (ETF) and mutual fund portfolios

An investment philosophy based on evidence, not gambling or gimmicks

Learn What Other Online Investment Services Don't Want You To Know...

Online "Investment Advisors" make several claims about their services and benefits. What they don't explain is...


On the other hand, traditional, human financial advisors: 

  • Are experienced. Online advisors to date are less experienced, over-worked, and won't be the advisor that takes you through retirement. 

  • Have better technology. Aside from a fancy sales website, new online advisors are years behind traditional advisors in technology and tools. 

  • Know the details of YOU. Online advisors are experts at trading. So are we. We're also experts at you

  • Have better investment approaches. You are unique. You deserve something more than a cookie-cutter investment plan. 

  • Do not mislead you on their value. Online advisors are selling tax-efficient investing strategies that add little value. Traditional Fee-Only advisors act as fiduciaries who are required to act in your best interest, not sell you on strategies that do not add value. 


And... Traditional investment advisors want to work with you! 


Technology is allowing traditional financial advisors to work with a wider range of clients. No longer do you need to find someone in your local community, or have millions of dollars in order to have experienced financial help. 

Your Virtual Financial Advisor...

Rob Schmansky, ChFC®, L5, EA

 2013 PlanPlus Global Financial Planning Awards North American Finalist

 2015 Investment News Top 40 Under 40 in Financial Planning Award Winner

 2017 Investopedia Top 100 Influential Advisor

 >15 years of planning and tax experience

 Blogger and investment expert whose writing has appeared in several publications

 Enjoys audiobooks, coaching lacrosse, and blogging

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