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Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) Model Portfolios

Fund Name Growth 100 Growth 80 Growth 60 Growth 40

Domestic Equity

C Fund 20 16 12 8

S Fund 40 32 24 16

International Equity

I Fund 40 32 24 16

Equity Inflation Hedges

No Options

Stability & Income

G Fund 0 7 20 40

F Fund 0 13 20 20

The above model portfolios do not represent an investment recommendation, nor do they represent portfolios Clear Financial Advisors may recommend for clients. Individuals should consult a qualified financial advisor for an assessment of their need and ability to take various investment risks, in consideration of their personal goals, assets, income flows, and preference for various types of investment risk. The growth model portfolios above represent a starting point for considering an investment portfolio built for long-term (7-10+ years) objectives. They do not suggest that an investment in your employer plan is appropriate, or that any of the portfolios here are the best place for you to invest.


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