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Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) Investment Guide

Free Online Guide to Managing your TSP




For complementary access to our online Guide to Managing Your Thrift Savings Plan™ (TSP) as well as our current Model Portfolios for your account, please simply sign-up for our mailing list with the TSP box checked below. 


Our model portfolios are based upon our G/P/S Investing™ methodology. As a newsletter subscriber you will also receive a complementary PDF edition of our investing book Clear Investing, Intentional Investing which covers this philosophy in detail, and why it is superior to paying active investment managers to gamble with your TSP savings. 


As a member of our newsletter you will also receive monthly financial planning and investing information from Clear Financial Advisors, as well as notification when our TSP models models have changed. 


Clear Financial Advisors is an independent financial and investment advisor. We specialize in taking a holistic view of your investment and financial plan. Clear.Investments is our online advisory services that provides individualized advice on creating a holistic investment plan across all of your accounts and opportunities. 

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